Licensing agency Beanstalk is heading into the digital world with the launch of a new division specifically targeted to extend such properties.

June 1, 2013, London, U.K., - Tinderbox will operate within Beanstalk and aims to help digital brands extend to consumer products through licensing.

"Beanstalk has identified a growing trend of new media brands making the leap into consumer products, and additionally that these brands themselves were specialized in their craft, fast-paced and focused," says Daniel Amos, director, brand development, Tinderbox. "For many (of these companies), consumer products is/was an afterthought. Tinderbox has been developed as an all-in-one solution that will leverage its expertise to build programs that spread like wildfire."

One billion smartphones will be shipped globally in 2013, according to Beanstalk and Gartner, and 84 percent of people worldwide say they can't go a single day without their mobile device in hand, according to a TIME mobility poll. With that in mind, Tinderbox has been established to address the growing demand for a brand licensing agency expert at extending digital properties–from social networks to interactive gaming, and all categories of apps including games, entertainment and lifestyle.

"Digital brands are engaging with all of us, young and old, constantly throughout the day," says Amos. "Consumers welcome technology with open arms, and so it is only natural that brands born in the digital space will resonate strongly. I'm a firm believer that the digital space, the app store or social network are the breeding ground for the next entertainment giants. Children are becoming increasingly comfortable with very sophisticated technology; the affinity they can develop with brands born in the app store six months ago is strikingly similar to those franchises with decades of history."

In order to stay in-step with growing consumer demand, Amos says it is vital for Beanstalk and Tinderbox to be knowledgeable and up-to-date in the digital landscape.

"Not only are brands changing, but the retail landscape is, as well," he says. "Brands originating from digital platforms will continue to increase as long as there are innovations in technology that provide user engagement, and those brands considered 'traditional' will need to embrace digital to maintain a connection to their fans."

First clients for Tinderbox will be the tween social network MovieStarPlanet and app properties "My Singing Monsters" and "The Beetnuks."

Tinderbox will further the existing product program for MovieStarPlanet, which was developed by Beanstalk and includes apparel, accessories, home décor, stationery and publishing.

"My Singing Monsters" is a world-building music game developed by Big Blue Bubble, in which the user collects and breeds monsters; while "The Beetnuks" is a new brand under development from BlooBuzz (a subsidiary of Quebecor Media), supported by a mobile game and other media. Tinderbox will work to build consumer product programs for both.

"Digital is one of the fastest growing categories in brand and entertainment licensing, which is why we felt it was necessary to create a new business unit that operates as an extension of Beanstalk and could address the individual needs of new and existing brand partners," says Michael Stone, chief executive officer, Beanstalk. "Tinderbox will be a catalyst for further industry growth by channeling decades of accumulated experience at Beanstalk into a new service that's dedicated specifically to helping digital brands develop new, innovative licensing extensions."